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Julia Dubenko

Julia Dubenko

Lawyer, family mediator, consultant for work with children. The main value of my life is my family, my beloved husband and our children.


Technical - Sevastopol Polytechnical School.
Higher Legal - National Law Academy of Ukraine by Yaroslav Mudry 

Training in specialty "mediation", "family mediation", "business mediation":

Basic mediator skills. Institute for Peace and Common Ground, 2017
Mediation specifics in family relations. KMBS, UMC, 2017
Direct consultation with children in family mediation. KMBS, UMC, 2017

Professional experience:

My experience is the 20 years of successful work in the legal profession and 5 years of family mediator practice.

In general, I believe that the work of a lawyer implies a developed sense of justice and responsibility, a high level of duty. Without legal support today, no sphere of activity can be achieved. Lawyers have to constantly solve difficult tasks, respond to many demands of society, stay in search of truth, listen and hear people with different points of view. And in this hard work, I would highlight quality such as the ability to dialogue, the ability to talk with people, be indifferent to the fate of other people, and consistently defend their interests. But this is also important in the work of the mediator! It is these qualities that help me in mediation to successfully implement complex family cases, helping people to resolve their conflicts.

Additional information:

I constantly learn new, useful, interesting ideas, aspire to self-improvement. I have personal qualities, such as: sociability, confidentiality, responsibility, stress, punctuality.

Membership in professional associations:

National Association of Advocates of Ukraine (NAAU), member of the Committee on Family Law
National Association of Mediators of Ukraine (NAMU), family mediator


Ukrainian, Russian