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League of Mediators of Ukraine


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League of Mediators of Ukraine


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League of Mediators of Ukraine


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With the aim of expanding family mediation and promoting it as a way of peaceful settlement of conflicts in early 2017, with the support of the National Association of Mediators of Ukraine, a Volunteer Project on Cooperation between the Ukrainian Center for Mediation and the Kyiv district Children’s Services.

In 2017 cooperation agreements were signed with seven districts of Kyiv, the City center for children, Kiev regional Mental Rehabilitation Centre for Children "FATHER’S HOME" and Charitable foundation "Veteran Hub ++". 

Active development is also due to the interest and support of the project by the Children’s Services, and the involvement and efforts of volunteers who participate in the project.

In December 2017, a public organization "League of Mediators of Ukraine" was created to ensure further development of the project and popularization of mediation as a peaceful way of resolving conflicts. Today, the organization unites and coordinates the work of 30 volunteers. 

We are building an organization that enables every person to receive family mediation as a social service in our country. 

What we do now:

Total employment of 30 mediators - 350 hours of family mediation monthly in 7 Kyiv district Children’s Services, the City center for children, Kiev regional Mental Rehabilitation Centre for Children "FATHER’S HOME" and Charitable foundation "Veteran Hub ++".

Conduct monthly intervention teams;

Conduct monthly supervisory groups;

Conducting Family Mediation masterclasses and presentations for Social Services staff;

Organization and participation in the Family Mediation Roundtable for employees of the Social Services and Public Authorities.

We are contacted for resolution of the following disputes:

Family disputes and conflicts before, during or after divorce; 

Conflicts between spouses, parents and children, other relatives;

Regarding of guardianship and deprivation of parental rights;

Conflicts in foster families between adopted children and other family members;

Hereditary disputes.


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Mediation is an effective way to solve family conflicts

What is Family mediation?

Family mediation - negotiation between conflicting parties involving a neutral mediator aimed to find a solution that meets interests and...


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