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When the Mediation is useful?

So, as you already know from our website, FAMILY MEDIATION is a structured, flexible process in which the parties to the family conflict with a help of the independent mediator have the opportunity to improve communication with each other, agree and accept mutually beneficial decisions on divorce, children, as well as financial and property issues that may arise in the family.

In the process of FAMILY MEDIA, the parties can come to a common opinion on the following issues:

peaceful divorce of couples who are in actual or registered marital relations;

ways of keeping, upbringing and developing the child by his or her mother and father;

resolving conflicts between parents and children (both adolescents and adults);

custody and care;

settlement of conflicts between adopters and adopted children;

family and property conflicts between grandparents, great-grandparents and grandchildren, brothers and sisters, stepmother, stepfather and stepchild;

property conflicts in the distribution of inheritance;

conflict resolution in family business.

Family mediation is not a universal way of resolving conflicts, and it is not always possible or appropriate. For example, in cases where one party has drug or alcohol addiction or is incapable, mediation would not be helpful.

We want to emphasize that family mediation is possible separately from other types of dispute resolution and in parallel with them.


Litigation, counseling

●      The parties to the conflict are considered as rivals.

●   The essence of the conflict is formulated by lawyers who serve as representatives of their clients when considering a dispute, using legal terms and revisions.

●      It leads to escalation of the conflict and the deterioration or destruction of relations. The focus is on past offends and misconduct 

●       It takes a lot of time, and  can last for years. 

●     All parties rely on lawyers and consultants, and therefore depend on their professionalism and integrity.

●      The decision is taken and imposed by the court. There are winners and losers. The result is not always predictable. Performed as a rule in a forced order.

●     Significant costs during court proceedings and enforcement decisions, as well as professional legal assistance. The burden of expenses is borne by the parties. In case of consideration of the case, the party in whose favor the decision is made may be offset against the other party.


●      Parties are equal participants, everyone's interests are taken into account and common interests are sought.

●      The parties personally describe the problems in their own words by communicating directly and through the mediator.

● Promotes dialogue, normalization of communication and maintenance of constructive relations. The parties will seek ways of non-conflict communication both at the time of mediation and for the future

●      Depending on the willingness of the parties to agree: hours, days or months.

●      The parties are active participants in the process and influence its course and result. 

●     The parties consider all possible solutions and take only what suits and responds to the interests of all parties to the agreement. 

●    The cost of mediation is much lower and paid by the parties equally or by agreement. Possible additional costs for a lawyer and a notary to record a decision taken in the mediation process in the form of a civil law agreement or a court settlement agreement.


By answering (yes / no) to the questions below, you have the opportunity to find out for yourself whether you are ready to use Family Mediation as an effective way to resolve a dispute or conflict.

My reputation is important for me                                                   Yes/No

It is important for me to keep confidentiality in resolving the dispute                        Yes/No

It is important for me to resolve the dispute with the least financial cost                     Yes/No

I appreciate my time and I am not ready to spend years to resolve the dispute                  Yes/No

I understand that it is better to keep the opportunity of full-fledged communication                  Yes/No

I am willing to voluntarily comply with the arrangements if they are in line with my interests                      Yes/No

If you still have doubts about the feasibility of using your Family Mediation, contact us for more detailed information.